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 Raven's Hunter Tips

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Wyvern Hunter
Wyvern Hunter

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PostSubject: Raven's Hunter Tips   Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:41 am

Hellow fellow hunters,

Here I will post some tips to help you in the game, and you can post yours of course =) MH is all about sharing and helping each other.

First tip: Meownster hunter
This mini game can be a pain, the rock paper scissor thing etc. at a certain level, having the right color isn't enough.
So i came with a team that works awesomely well, lost only twice ^^.

The team is composed of 4 staple cats:
1 palico with "Skill technician" (allows skills to activate more often)
3 palicoes with "Unreal blocking" which allows them to block attacks and avoid taking damage

The last slot left to a palico with a color that can beat the lat stage.

This will pretty much work everytime, you don't even have to think xD

I hope this will help you

Second tip: Charm farming
(found on reddit)
Today I want to introduce you to a easy method of charm hunting!
First let me say that this

a) is not the method for the BEST charms in the game! These come from lvl 140 Guild quests!
b) needs a lot of preparation
c) will make you an addicted charm hunter.
For the Visual Guide, follow this link

If you like to read text and want some additional hints, keep reading.
Let's start with the prerequisites:

G2 Rank
Unlocked the G2 Quest "Mountain Rescue" (Stygian Zinogre)
Many Dung Bombs and Pickaxes
Much room in your equipment box

A nice farming set. Look at my first picture.
5 "Treasure" Forte Palicoes.
Special GRank Permit and 3rd Scroll quest unlocked for Felyne Hairband X

Eat Fish + Drink for Felyne Explorer
If Explorer didn't activate, cycle 1 time (Do the Village 1* "Steak your ground") and go back to step 1
Go to the GRank Quest Counter and select "Mountain Rescue"
Start the Quest
FARM EVERYTHING in Secret Area and Area 3
Farm one node in Area 5
Zynogre should now appear in front of you. Throw a Dung bomb at him!
Proceed to Farm Area 6+7
Return to Area 5. Zinogre should be gone. (There is a 1/20 chance that he's still there.. Go back to step 7)
As soon as 8 Ioprey are dead, select "End via Subquest" in the menu

Recommended Armor skills: Charm God!!!, Gathering God, Speed Gatherer, Spirit's Whim
This can be done with low rank armor.

If you feel "unlucky" with your charms, restart the game. This will reset your seeds and might bring you better charms.
"Charmer" is a fucking awesome skill. But please don't use it in regular hunts.

For the Felyne Hairband X, you have to have the Special GRank Permit and 3rd Scroll quest (Apex Seregios) unlocked. You kill Seregios, You get the Arena Quest with Apex DevilJho, you farm coins, you throw your DS on the wall, you get all the other coins, you forge the hairband.

If your Equipment Box is too full, go and see the JUJU guy in the wind village. Meld some shitty charms and hope for something better.
You can take a quick route over the cat area to snipe some good meownster hunter or something.

Gaijin Hunter says that only Gold Rocks give charms, but I have got some from silver too, so I'd (personally) suggest to farm all nodes.

Gaijin Hunter shows an alternative strategy for this task:
Get an Insect Glavie
Go to the elder hall and take the quest "Sovereign of the Sky" (Hunt a Rathalos)
Do the same as in the original guide
If you want to end the subquest, ride Rathalos's back 2 times. He should be in area 3 or sometimes in area 5

Rare Rathalos loot Very Happy
Could be faster than killing 8 ioprey

You need a higher armor rating if you are not familar with IG or just not a very good player (yet)
You need an IG.

I am not the one who came up with this idea. I also don't know who did. It doesn't matter in the end. I copied and pasted it (removed some parts :p )

Happy Hunting!

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Wyvern Hunter
Wyvern Hunter

Posts : 84
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2015-03-13
Age : 25
Location : Kokoto

PostSubject: Re: Raven's Hunter Tips   Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:06 pm

Shard Farming, Artian armor

The Artian S is quite sexy, but the shards are a problem.

The strategy is easy, get a gathering God set (whim or gathering speed are bonus) and put 5 treasure Palicos in the first stronger list.

Eat for fish + veggies or veggie + drink (stew) to get ecologist, which levels up your ecology discord rate level by two when you finish and exploration instead of one.

Take your pickaxes

Now you launch the exploration quest in the highest rank you can, and go for mining points. But before mining, wait for your two Palicos to gather the mind's point, and once they're done, you can mine.

Usually you'll get your shards on blue mining points. But i might be wrong.

Levelling your eco rate gives you more chances to get a rare ecology (duh) which contains a treasure room (place Here you get most of the rare stuff)

One the exploration finished, go at the end and go back to town. Then rinse and repeat.

And voilà ^^ here's how to make your Artian set Smile it's tedious, but I didn't find a faster way to make it ^^
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Raven's Hunter Tips
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