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 Monster Hunter Generations Bow review

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PostSubject: Monster Hunter Generations Bow review   Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:52 pm

In MHX i will be going more gunner then in past games, so you will start seeing me do heavy bowguns also, however, for now lets look at my main weapon, and how it got both a HUGE HUGE buff, but a few odd nerfs with Styles.

Guild Style - EVERY BOW CAN POWERSHOT NOW.....*cough* I will keep this professional and not be baised. So with classic controls this is your default bow type if your use to using a bow with a few changes, guild style can do both a arc shot, and a powershot for more versatility, and Dps. It now has a nice backhop to bring you away from monsters and not be totally owned. Aside from that, not much has changed.

Striker Style - This style is abit....weird for me right now, and I may come back and give it a proper rating. Pro's of this are it keeps the backhop/flip, it can do arc shots(not a fan of those), but it can also hold 3 skills. This is why im abit bleh when it comes to this topic, Striker style has NO POWERSHOT, which for bows is a huge dps loss hopefully hunter arts later in the game can make up for this and make me decide, yeah I need three skills and no power-shot.

Aerial Style - NO! JUST NO! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLEASE!.........No power-shot, even no arc shot. This style is by far the worst for bows. Sure it might seem fun at first until you realize a few things. One of which is critical distance, a good bow user will know what that is, its a certain distance you need to be so all your shots do 150% damage. A good bow user can do (150% + 150%+[150 or 170]%) shot one + ((150%+150%+[150 or 170]%)+150%) after power-shot. Aerial can KINDA powershot only when you vault off a monster, and then shoot your arrow, Luckily when you do that it does powershot, just only at a level 2 charge and counts as crit.distance. This Style can be good, if your going to just constantly find a way to be only ever jumping off monsters, which is stupid and bad for a gunner who has little defense to start with.

Adept Style - This one is Tied for my first place medal, crit.evade gives you instant level 3 charge + Crit distance, it is able to powershot. No backhop tho. No Arc shot

Skills- This part im still abit iffy on names but two that you will most likely see me using are the one that makes my bow charge faster, and the one that can make my arrows cut tails.

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Monster Hunter Generations Bow review
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